Saturday, May 7, 2016

Astrologers discussion on BREXIT

The referendum will take place on 23rd June 2016. UK citizens will be asked to vote on "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" They will tick a box against either "Remain a member of the European Union" or "Leave the European Union." The final result will be decided by a simple majority, based on total votes.

Astrologers are asked to submit any contributions by way of discussion brief/articles (between 100 – 1200 words). Thank you.


  1. Not strictly about Brexit - but here;s one I made earlier:) - maybe of interest


  2. Hakan Kirkoglu
    I’m going to try to arrive a conclusion using yearly, monthly and daily profections as well as 2016 Solar Return of the 1801 chart.
    In yearly profections, UK has been living her 12th house Virgo ASC profection which may indicate collective issues and things beyond control and in obscurity in 2016. Year lord Mercury is in the 3rd house/Sag shows issues around neighbouring countries both close and overseas. Virgo is also the 7th sign from the part of fortune which highlights conflicts and arguments in this year’s fortune.
    Yearly profected 10th house and MC is in Gemini (duality) and the 11th house in Cancer (Moon), whereas the 7th in Pisces (Fortune)
    Yearly profected Moon in Gemini in the 9th (duality again) (important as it’s a nocturnal chart)
    In monthly profections, 23rd June corresponds to the 5th house (public voice: voting) Aquarius (Fortune’s 12th house) where also Venus sits in a fixed sign, and Venus opposed by Saturn, which might indicate discontent and separative tendencies. However, Venus is the Asc ruler (in the 5th denotes the vote itself) and also is the ruler of the 8th house of shared resources and financial markets, etc.
    Monthly profected 10th house is in Scorpio (crisis, economy) , 11th house in Sag (Mercury) and the 7th Leo (Jupiter & Saturn there)
    In terms of daily profections, counting from the 5th house, 23rd June comes to the 3rd house (Daily agenda),(Fortune’s 10th house) house of neighbours again, 3rd house ruler Jupiter in natal 11th house in Leo.
    Daily profected 10th house is Virgo, 11th house Libra and the 7th Gemini.
    All these significators make Mercury, Jupiter and Venus related to the ongoing developments.
    SR Mercury 29 Capricorn in the 3rd house, Jupiter in the 11th Virgo, and Venus in the 2nd house Sag
    2016 SR has Scorpio rising (natal 2nd house) and its ruler Mars in Libra/12th at 28 degree Libra which seems very awkward and problematic. Profected sign Virgo has MC in the SR chart and in the 11th house (clubs, associations) whereas Mercury at 29 Capricorn in the 3rd house which is very descriptive of crisis in terms of neighbours in administrative concerns. (Mercury upper squared by Mars too)
    SR Moon which is at 29 degrees of Virgo does not seem to be very ready for a decisive departure and certainly the public is in crisis and much concern. Although the 29 degree symbolizes endings and waning, it’s still in conjunct with North node in the 11th house, so I think, UK would stay in. Additionaly, yearly profected 11th house is in Cancer (which is in the 9th house in the SR) and Moon is there. I assume it would be a significator for attachment to the current club. I only suspect here because of SR Moon’s next move will be Mars in the SR 12th house.


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