Thursday, July 9, 2009

Event Day with Christeen Skinner. A report by Sharon Knight

The Astrological Association run seminars around the country in conjunction with local groups, below is a review of the most recent event very kindly provided by AA member Sharon Knight. Pictures are courtesy of Jackie Taylor. Visit our website for details of the next event

On the 27th June, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a workshop with Christeen Skinner. The day was a joint venture between the Astrological Association and the Buckinghamshire group, Starburst.

Christeen Skinner‘Brilliant’ is the word to sum up the day. The event was billed as Using Financial & Locational Astrology to Navigate the Economy. There were about 27 people present, one of whom had flown up from Dublin to hear Christeen speak. The majority were mostly practising astrologers but there were a few who were only just entering the arena of astrology.

The day was divided into two parts, the morning session dealt with economic and financial astrology and how the cycles of the planets from Jupiter outwards have pinpointed shifts and changes in world events. Christeen demonstrated how the aspects and returns between the major planets have correlated with significant events here on Earth. She also explained Sun Spot cycles and showed some interesting diagrams demonstrating how our Sun is slightly off centre in our galactic system and how the Sun Spot cycle is actually a 22 year (approximate) cycle and not just an 11 year cycle.

Christeen showed various charts including those of the UK (1801) and stock exchange charts and demonstrated how the cycles and aspects formed by the major planets affected not only her clients and their businesses or personal life, but also that of the country as a whole.

One of Christeen’s business specialities is gold and other metals. She had noticed how aspects and planets conjoining the Galactic centre degree had resonated in the business world and on the gold markets.

The whole morning was fascinating but it was over all too quickly! We broke for lunch and adjourned to a nearby pub for an excellent and plentiful spread. As soon as it was time to return, everyone galloped back to their seats, eager to continue with the afternoon session.

This session was on Local Space and Geodetics. Although I know about Local Space, the use of Geodetics was new to me. Christeen calls the Moon our Bread Basket and feels that one should pay great attention to where your Moon falls, and ensure it is nurtured and supported. She described Geodetics is astrological Fung Shui. Using Solar Fire, you can easily set up a geodetic chart. It really does give another dimension to astrology and proved to be both great fun and an eye opener!

Christeen made a few observations about the coming years and likely events. She feels we haven’t seen the end of the “credit crunch” and that there will be more bad news to come towards the end of this year and the beginning of next. The “market” to invest in for the future is the arts. We have been told!

I bought Christeen’s updated book, The Financial Universe, first published in 2004 (ISBN No: 978-1-898595-44-1). This book is written primarily for those with no knowledge of astrology. There is so much information contained within it, it should be on every astrologers bookshelf.

My only complaint about the day was it was over too quickly and then I had a long drive back home before I could set up the various charts and start to read her book!

If you get the opportunity to hear Christeen speak, then grab it with both hands, you won’t be disappointed.
Sharon Knight