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It gives us great pleasure to announce our new look website. The site was designed by our professional graphics artist Cat Keane. Frances Clynes, AA council member has worked hard to make it all come together so that it now adheres to W3C standards, and can be viewed perfectly on hand-held devices, mobile phones and screens of all sizes. We have also focused on making the site accessible for all and will continue to work in this area. The aesthetic appeal of the new site owes much to the skill and hard work of AA council member Glenda Cole who personally created the graphics used in the content of every page.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The 41st Annual Conference of the Astrological Association - A Review by AA Member Alex Trenoweth

Conference chart 2009
Unusual for a high school teacher, I look forward to September. Not, of course, because I can't wait to be up to my neck in marking, but because September means the AA Conference is just around the temporal corner. The AA conference isn’t just about attending lectures and listening about arcane techniques. The best parts of the conference take place outside of the main lectures because it gives you a chance to see what’s happening in the world of astrology. That’s not to say the conference didn’t have an impressive line-up! This year’s conference speakers were a mix of oldies but goodies as well as a few new faces such as Elizabeth Hathway who was visiting from Holland. As always, the delegates list was a cosmopolitan combination of excited beginner and experienced practitioner. In particular, it was wonderful to have such a large delegation from Japan. It was a wonderful testament to astrology’s ability to unite people.

Between lectures is not only a great time to grab a cup of liquid refreshment but an opportunity to visit the exhibition area and bookshop. To be honest, I try to keep my wallet at home when I know I’ll be visiting a bookshop (Venus in Gemini) but I always splurge a little at the conference because with the variety of books available to buy, there really is something for everyone. Glenda Cole and I—with our polar opposite approaches to hair care—even found a book on astrological coiffures.

The exhibition area is filled with opportunities to stay connected to the people you have met and to view demonstrations of the latest astrological software advances. It’s also a great place to meet the author of the books you have just bought and to check out the various courses on offer.

On a more earthy note, the premises of Wyboston Conference Centre was a familiar one. Tucked away in the Bedfordshire countryside and located far away from noisy traffic, the weekend felt like a well earned break. If anyone got tired of astrology (!), they could always enjoy the leisure activities on offer: golf, a fitness club, a water sports centre or even fishing on the lake.

The best part of the conference for me is always the Saturday night dinner. I love to see everyone dressed up and smiling—and talking astrology over the sirloin. There’s just something absolutely magical about a stellium of astrologers filling a room with their conversations. Listen closely and you can hear of someone’s plans for their next book or lecture or a newby tentatively asking about a dreaded transit. I’m always honoured to be in the company of such wonderfully interesting and generous people.

I have to say I had a little chuckle when I saw that the chart of the conference’s opening had a Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in the first house. If anyone was in need of a little healing, they could just ask the astrologers at the bar. Not that I really noticed.

For pictures and more information about our conference visit our conference review page

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Event Day with Christeen Skinner. A report by Sharon Knight

The Astrological Association run seminars around the country in conjunction with local groups, below is a review of the most recent event very kindly provided by AA member Sharon Knight. Pictures are courtesy of Jackie Taylor. Visit our website for details of the next event

On the 27th June, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a workshop with Christeen Skinner. The day was a joint venture between the Astrological Association and the Buckinghamshire group, Starburst.

Christeen Skinner‘Brilliant’ is the word to sum up the day. The event was billed as Using Financial & Locational Astrology to Navigate the Economy. There were about 27 people present, one of whom had flown up from Dublin to hear Christeen speak. The majority were mostly practising astrologers but there were a few who were only just entering the arena of astrology.

The day was divided into two parts, the morning session dealt with economic and financial astrology and how the cycles of the planets from Jupiter outwards have pinpointed shifts and changes in world events. Christeen demonstrated how the aspects and returns between the major planets have correlated with significant events here on Earth. She also explained Sun Spot cycles and showed some interesting diagrams demonstrating how our Sun is slightly off centre in our galactic system and how the Sun Spot cycle is actually a 22 year (approximate) cycle and not just an 11 year cycle.

Christeen showed various charts including those of the UK (1801) and stock exchange charts and demonstrated how the cycles and aspects formed by the major planets affected not only her clients and their businesses or personal life, but also that of the country as a whole.

One of Christeen’s business specialities is gold and other metals. She had noticed how aspects and planets conjoining the Galactic centre degree had resonated in the business world and on the gold markets.

The whole morning was fascinating but it was over all too quickly! We broke for lunch and adjourned to a nearby pub for an excellent and plentiful spread. As soon as it was time to return, everyone galloped back to their seats, eager to continue with the afternoon session.

This session was on Local Space and Geodetics. Although I know about Local Space, the use of Geodetics was new to me. Christeen calls the Moon our Bread Basket and feels that one should pay great attention to where your Moon falls, and ensure it is nurtured and supported. She described Geodetics is astrological Fung Shui. Using Solar Fire, you can easily set up a geodetic chart. It really does give another dimension to astrology and proved to be both great fun and an eye opener!

Christeen made a few observations about the coming years and likely events. She feels we haven’t seen the end of the “credit crunch” and that there will be more bad news to come towards the end of this year and the beginning of next. The “market” to invest in for the future is the arts. We have been told!

I bought Christeen’s updated book, The Financial Universe, first published in 2004 (ISBN No: 978-1-898595-44-1). This book is written primarily for those with no knowledge of astrology. There is so much information contained within it, it should be on every astrologers bookshelf.

My only complaint about the day was it was over too quickly and then I had a long drive back home before I could set up the various charts and start to read her book!

If you get the opportunity to hear Christeen speak, then grab it with both hands, you won’t be disappointed.
Sharon Knight

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Voldemort and The Boy Who Lived – Part 2 by Frances Clynes

Harry's Chart

Harry Potter Chart

Given the part that they played in each other's destiny there is surprisingly little synastry between Harry and Voldemort, particularly when you consider that each carried a piece of the other's soul after Voldemort's first attack on Harry. Certain themes are repeated, for example Voldemort has Pluto conjunct the North Node, while Harry has Pluto sextile and trine the nodal axis. The Sun in each chart squares Mars in the other chart. Perhaps in this we hear Harry's words to Voldemort 'It's just you and me. Neither can live while the other survives'.

Both Harry and Voldemort have a Moon-Saturn aspect. While Voldemort has them conjoined, Harry has them in opposition. Like Voldemort, Harry lost his mother Lily, as a baby. In Harry's case she gave her life to save him from Voldemort. We can imagine how Voldemort must have contrasted this act of great love with his own loveless childhood. On the day of Harry's birth the Moon was at 27 Pisces at noon, conjunct Voldemort's Uranus at 25 Pisces, and trine Voldemort's own Moon at 27 Scorpio conjunct Saturn. So Lily's great sacrifice, activated Voldemort's jealousy of Harry, and feelings of loss at his early separation from his own mother. Harry appears to be aware of this and frequently uses it as a weapon in their verbal battles. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry says 'You're the weak one! You've never known love, or friendship. And I feel sorry for you'. Perhaps this as much as anything else fueled Voldemort's determination to kill Harry. For whatever reason, the degree of Harry's Moon, 27 Pisces assumes some significance in the conflict that ensued.

At the time of the attack on Harry, Voldemort's Venus had progressed to 27 Pisces and had conjoined Harry's Moon. This would suggest that Voldemort must have been greatly moved by Lily's actions, although a conjunction between pr Venus and pr Uranus may have resulted in him cutting himself off from these feelings. As this attack also resulted in the disembodiment of Voldemort's soul, we can speculate on the importance of Venus in his natal chart. Chart ruler?

For those who have yet to read the final book – SPOILER ALERT!

On the day their final conflict began, tr Venus was at the significant degree of 27 Pisces, conjunct Harry's Moon and Voldemort's Uranus. As the conflict ended it conjoined his progressed Venus at 28 degrees. In this final battle the theme of sacrifice once more shows itself as this time Harry is prepared to die himself to save his friends from Voldemort. Once again as this degree is activated, Harry asks 'Accident was it, when my mother died to save me?' And once again Voldemort is defeated, this time finally. As He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named hit the floor for the last time, we are told that the 'fierce new sun dazzled the windows' and 'the sun rose steadily over Hogwarths'.

Event of 2nd May 1998

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Voldemort and The Boy Who Lived – Part 1 by Frances Clynes


Recently I was lucky enough to be able to take part in a web seminar or webinar at Kepler College where Lee Lehman gave a presentation on astrology in modern literature, which included a look at the charts of Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. Inspired by Lee's talk, and in view of the upcoming release in July of the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I decided to take a further look at the charts and the synastry between them. We have dates but no times for the births of Harry and the Dark Lord so I have used noon charts. We do have a time of sunrise on the 2nd May 1998, for the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort. This takes place at Hogwarths which we know is in Scotland. I have used Edinburgh in the absence of a more exact location. Perhaps some of our members from Scotland could help here?

Voldermort's Chart

Voldermort's Chart

Unsurprisingly Lord Voldemort, nee Tom Marvolo Riddle, has a complex chart with both a kite and a T-Square. Neither of these configurations include the opposition between his Capricorn Sun and a conjunction of Pluto and the North Node. While a Sun-Pluto aspect is to be expected in the chart of someone known as the Dark Lord or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the fact that this aspect is an opposition gives us a flavour of the switch in identity that took place when Tom Riddle announces that he is now to be known as Lord Voldemort. In true Plutonic style, we have the death of the brilliant if flawed student, that was Tom Riddle, and his re-birth as the power-hungry Voldemort, intent on the domination of pure-blood witches and wizards over Muggles (the non-magical population of the world) half-bloods (a witch or wizard with one pure-blood parent and one Muggle parent) and mud-bloods (a witch or wizard born to Muggle parents). Paradoxically Voldemort is himself a half-blood. The Sun-Pluto opposition can be detected quite clearly in Rowling's statement that Voldemort is a 'self-hating bully', whose greatest fear is death.

On the apex of the T-Square is the Moon-Saturn conjunction. At noon this conjunction is applying. Although we do not have a time of birth for Voldemort, it is likely that he was born late in the day when the conjunction would be tighter, perfecting at 11.52 p.m. On 31st December his mother arrives at a Muggle orphanage in London where later in the day she gives birth to little Tom. She dies an hour later and Tom grows up in the orphanage without any knowledge of his parents or family, until at eleven years old he receives a visit from Dumbledore and learns that he is the last descendent of Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogwarths. The Moon-Saturn conjunction shows the pain and loss he felt at the absence of a home and family, and its apex position gives us an indication of its power as a motivating force in his life. A tight opposition between Jupiter and Neptune squares the conjunction. Perhaps he could have found a spiritual form of expression for this T-Square, but instead he deals with his hurt in other ways. The Jupiter in Aquarius opposite Neptune also runs through the centre of the kite aspecting Mercury and Chiron. Tom had the potential to be a powerful healing force in society, but the painful Moon-Saturn squaring the central axis of the kite, appears to have led him to use these gifts in killing. In July 1943 as tr Chiron conjoins natal Neptune and activates the kite, Tom kills his hated Muggle father and grandparents and leaves his uncle to take the blame. Many more murders were to follow.

In 1947 as tr Neptune squares his Sun, Tom disappears and ten years later when tr Pluto is approaching a conjunction of his Moon-Saturn, he resurfaces and announces he is now known as Lord Voldemort.

To Follow: Harry's chart and his links to Voldemort

To hear Lee Lehman’s presentation:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jupiter Returns But This Time Flings the Bling! by Jenni Dean Harte

Although we no longer publish Transit magazine some of it's more popular features will continue on our website, including Jenni Harte's World News. Below are the introductory paragraphs to Jenni's latest article....

Jupiter-VenusDuring it's 12 year orbit around earth, Jupiter enlarges and expands what it touches, encouraging us reach further than our grasp and urging us to move beyond our known limits; it's where we find our faith and how we want to grow. So far, so good. A 12 year cycle of expansion sounds positive but which Jupiter return being experienced makes quite a difference. In particular, this is about transiting Jupiter's 12 yearly visit to the UK Venus in Aquarius in the 5th house and the subsequent demise of the UK as the once coolest place to be.

In 1997 the Labour Party had at last wrested victory from 18 years of Conservative rule. The country's economy was beginning to rocket, fuelled by the very bankers and speculators we've lately come to detest but then supported by enthusiastic newcomers eager to participate in the party. And it was, in many respects, a very long party, indeed. At that time, transiting Jupiter had just opposed the UK Jupiter at 2 Leo in the 10th and the nation’s profile was raised to a world-wide status it hadn't experienced since the heyday of the British Empire. Transiting Uranus had already opposed UK Jupiter in late 1996, setting the charge and igniting the touch paper for growth. Transiting Neptune, in the final minutes of Capricorn and soon to oppose UK Jupiter, suggested all might not be as at it seemed. In the event 1997 was the year the UK was labelled 'Cool Brittania.'

All things expanding eternally however can bring problems, hence Saturn defining boundaries and holding us back from over-doing…whatever it is we’re doing. Saturn is not always welcome but far from being the perpetual party pooper it literally gives us perspective. However, even Saturn in his Aries robes was ready to push the envelope with less restraint than usual. But back to Jupiter.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Planetary Hours Part 2– G20 events analysed

So did the Planetary hours pan out as stated? With the help of the BBC’s Live Text* updates I was able to follow the events of the day.

Jupiter hour At 06:45 just into the Jupiter hour, the BBC reports there is a major security problem and some members of the media are prevented from checking in for an hour. Towards the end of this hour the G20 members start arriving for a 'working' breakfast. Mars is the dispositer of Mercury, ruler of the media. Here we see the Mars intercepted in the 12th in action. Members of the media aren't going anywhere right now.

Mars Hour Barack Obama arrived just as the Mars hours began, followed by several other G20 members, the last to arrive is Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper just as the Mars hour was about to end. As suggested the leaders were indeed putting on their 'public faces'

Sun hour During the Sun ruled hour the BBC reports that the working breakfast is well under way. They state that “Once the last of the croissants is polished off, there will be a group photo of the leaders. The event is scheduled for 0935, but the summit is running late”. Perhaps this latter is the manifestation of the chart ruler being combust and in the 12th?

Venus hour During the Venus hour we are told "When asked about the mood among the G20 leaders, BBC business editor Robert Peston says: "They're all rather jolly from what I can gather. I get the sense that the supposedly intractable issue of tax havens has been sorted." The expected number of protesters is much less than anticipated, earlier some had set up an over-sized Monopoly board, now we are told they have gone home saying they need a sit down and a nice cup of tea. Not as I predicted but very Neptunian don't you think?

Mercury hour 10:56 less than a minute into the Mercury hour, and as expected the Summit begins as Gordon Brown opens by outlining the work plan for the next few hours.

Jupiter As we enter the Lunar hour, we know that agreement re tax havens was reached earlier, therefore the 8th house Jupiter and Neptune may well be linked to the release of a statement from the Independent Police Complaints Commission at 12:05 which says it is to "assess" the death of man at a G20 demonstration in London on Wednesday. We are told that investigators will be attending the post-mortem during the afternoon.

Jupiter As we approach the Saturn hour the meeting is indeed getting down to the nitty gritty as we hear that the G20 leaders are said to have agreed an increase in the Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) made available by the IMF, this can be converted by governments into currency to provide a swift injection of confidence into their economies.

Jupiter hour As we approach the second Jupiter hour we are also told that the $250bn increase in Special Drawing Rights is at least a ten-fold increase in the current stock. That will allow poor nations to borrow at the US official interest rate of practically zero. This certainly seems to fit with Jupiter on the descendant.

Mars Hour Come the Mars hour and we hear from the BBC's Robert Peston who says: “A chap who knows a lot more about this Special Drawing Rights stuff tells me its not very useful for very poor countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It will be most useful for middle-income, emerging market economies.” This is when the Moon square Sun perfected. A summary of the agreements made are being announced during the last 15 or so minutes of the hour.
I have to say I'm not sure what that signifies with regard to either the Mars hour or the aforementioned square. Perhaps that will be assessed by any later response to these statements.

Sun hour I was completely wrong with what I said about the solar hour because the Summit is already over bar the shouting. As befits the solar hour the press conferences are still going on, with the summit members feeling pleased with themselves for what they say they have achieved. Some reaction also began to come through during this hour as we hear that that London's FTSE 100 index of leading shares ended 4.3% higher. In Paris, the Cac 40 jumped 5.4% and in Frankfurt, the Dax rose 6%

Venus hour The start of the Venus hour and we are seeing mainly favourable reaction to the official communiqué and it seems the money for the IMF is what every one is talking about. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that the conclusions of the G20 summit were "more than we could have hoped for" Not only does that statement reflect the fact that this is a Jupiter day it also reflects the Moon perfecting the trine to Mars

Mercury hour For some reason Barack Obama's press conference was delayed and didn't start until Mercury hour. Maybe, (with both Mercury and chart ruler Venus in the 7th) it's to remind the world that "The US remains the largest economy by a considerable margin and most powerful military in the world" and that "America can still lead in the world." Or maybe it’s that in this Mercury hour he just wants the last word? I'm not sure that the zodiacal position of Mercury and Venus will help such last words go down well.

In summary I feel that this technique did in fact reflect the day’s events as they unfolded. Where they didn’t seem to is probably more the fault of the astrologer (i.e. me) than the technique.

Click here for a report of what was agreed today

*BBC Live Text

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The G20 Meeting: An Alternative Take - Glenda Cole

On April 2nd the G20 summit will begin, at this stage we have no idea what the meeting will bring, nor indeed do we know what time it will start. For a different take on the day I have taken the traditional technique of the Planetary hours to take an overview of the symbolism of the day and how it might progress.

The Planetary hours is a system in which one of the seven traditional naked eye planets is given rulership over each day. From sunrise to sunset the day is divided into 12 equal parts called 'hours', with each hour being ruled by a different planet following the Chaldean order of slowest to fastest from a geocentric point of view, ie Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. Oreaching the Moon the cycle begins again. Each day begins at dawn with the planet that rules that particular day of the week also ruling the first hour.

Jupiter Thursday is a Jupiter Day and, as explained above, the day begins at dawn with a Jupiter hour. As Jupiter rules a nation's wealth and banks and bankers it seems a fitting day to hold this summit, which looks to promote international financial stability and economic growth.

Jupiter is in the 11th house, the hopes of the nation, so the day of the summit starts with a mood of lots of optimism and hope and a focus on growth. Aries rises, and although Mars is in Jupiter ruled Pisces it has no essential dignity and is in the 12th. So there may be an aura of general bonhomie about the day, but it is in effect being undermined by what is already going on behind closed doors. Pluto, the ruler of hidden wealth is conjunct the Midheaven, so the day is marked by the symbolism of profound change. With Scorpio on the 8th cusp, tax havens may no longer be tax havens by the end of the day.

MarsOur second planetary hour is ruled by Mars, which is now in the 11th house. Though the hour begins at 7:43 the members of this summit are quite likely beginning to put on their 'public face.' As Venus ruled Taurus is rises. But Venus is in detriment and intercepted in the 12th. Thus showing a day where the poor state of the world’s economy is being highlighted.

Sun64 minutes later and it's the hour of the Sun as Gemini Rises, Mercury has some slight dignity by being in Aries in it's own terms, though it is combust and still in the 12th so the time is not yet good for wheeling and dealing, or for trade and commerce. Though with an exalted Sun our leaders are putting on a good front.

VenusAnd yet another planetary hour passes taking us into the Venus hour. We still have Gemini rising but Jupiter and Neptune now straddle the MC. Amongst other things Neptune rules socialism, mobs and secret plots. We know that demonstrations are planned for this particular day, so this may well be when the first demo takes place.

MercuryAnd The fifth planetary hour at 10:55 is a Mercury hour. With Cancer rising and a dignified moon on the ascendant, this would be a good time for the summit to officially begin. The Mercury hour could well indicate the eyes of the media being focused on the events.

MoonOur next planetary hour is that of the moon, which is now in the 12th house, thus highlighting the fact that the summit is not an open meeting but is being conducted behind closed doors. But note also Jupiter and Neptune are in the 8th and so the focus of the meeting could well be on the aforementioned tax havens. Uranus on the MC could indicate yet another disruption by protesters.

SaturnBy 14:04 we are into the hour of Saturn, with Saturn in Virgo this is when the summit members get down to the nitty gritty of the meeting. And what an excellent time to do so and to try and reach agreement, Leo is rising and the exalted Sun is on the Midheaven. Quite possible one individual will take the lead at this point.

JupiterNegotiations should continue to go well as we again meet Jupiter as we enter the 8th planetary hour. Leo is still rising and the Sun is still in the 10th. Jupiter is in the 7th close to the descendant highlighting foreign affairs and charitable relationships with other countries, so this could be good news for the world’s poorer countries.

MarsMid afternoon sees another Mars hour, with the latter degrees of Leo rising. It is during this hour that the 11th house moon will perfect a square to the 8th house sun. Negotiations which have been doing OK for the previous couple of hours could now stall Any potential solution to the financial crises that will be agreeable to the public may be difficult to come by.

SunAs Virgo rises, so we reach a Solar hour, with Mercury and the Sun sitting together in the 8th house. This is probably a time of critical negotiations with the financiers, possibly centred on tax or trade.

VenusThe Venus hour still sees Virgo rising and Mercury in the 8th. Throughout the day Venus and Mars have been in mutual reception, perhaps indicating that everyone has their own agendas here. Now, with Venus in Aries in the 7th things are getting heated as summit members vie to get their own agendas negotiated. The Moon perfects a trine to Mars during this hour indicating that some items would have been concluded successfully.

MercuryThe planetary hour leading up to sunset is another Mercury hour. Libra rises and with Mercury and Venus in the 7th this is quite likely when the meeting will end. On the surface all will seem pleasant and negotiations would seem to have gone well.

To see another take on the day’s events see Roy Gillett’s News article here and on the Astrological Association’s web site.

Seeking Sustainable Growth - The Astrology of the G20 Meeting - Roy Gillett

With Moon in Cancer squared to the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aries, but trined to Mars in Pisces and Venus squared to Pluto, the G20 meeting is likely to be characterised by many expressions of genuine concern, but will struggle to find any fundamental and effective agreement. With Saturn retrograding in Virgo opposed by Mars in Pisces, across the 10th / 4th house, consensus will be difficult to find. Mars building to conjunct Gordon Brown’s Jupiter early on 4th April shows just what is involved when seeking to save the world.

G20 chart

The Aries planets say it all. It is too early to be clear. It is rather like looking for a new relationship too soon after the painful ending of the one before. By yearning for and seeking what has been lost, world leaders are in danger of making the same mistakes again. We need a really different "lover"! A wise outcome will be to realise it is early days and we need to respect and draw on the collective wisdom of all. We have needed stimulus plans to help ordinary people through their immediate economic pain, but to see this bouncing the world economy back to “health” is a major delusion. A radical realignment of the world economy lies ahead. This Aries meeting can do no more than kick start a 15 year process of fundamental economic realignment.

On 31st January 2009, just six days before the second Saturn / Uranus opposition; Gordon Brown at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland told those, who had created or presided over the world economic crisis, that there was no previous historical experience of what was happening. Essentially, they had to learn what to do next from what happened next! The astrology both questions and confirms his words.

This time we must learn from past errors
He is wrong because in the past, as now, we have always had the astro-cycles to help us see through the nature of mass-delusion, but have chosen to ignore them. Elements in the South Sea Bubble, 1835-42 and 1929-1933 depressions and their aftermaths offer many lessons we can draw on. To start with, these experiences show the futility of the early talk of "weathering a downturn in the economic cycle" and attempts to manipulate early recovery. Certainly, it is not the first time that we face a stage in the cosmic cycle that exposes our hubris and over-reaching arrogance. Belief in endless growth and something-for-nothing characterised all three previous boom and bust periods. Until we use astro-cycles as early warnings in our culture, the same mistakes will be made by future generations.

Yet he is right in that this is the first time, due to our industrial mechanical science-driven economy, that the deception of endless growth has been extended so globally. Pluto has returned to Capricorn (symbolises death and regeneration of business structures) for the first time since 1762-77-the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. For a decade and a half ahead, we face a radical reassessment of our achievements over the past 250 years. Nor is it an unconnected coincidence that this happens in the midst of threatened global ecological disaster. Our inventive arrogance led us to assume we can change the earth – even explain and invent every aspect of life itself. We have boasted of defeating limitation. Did we really think we could force Saturn to serve our childish experiments? We have tried the patience of the natural order. We now face a period of at least 15 years, while Pluto transits Saturn’s sign, to learn the true nature of structure and responsibility.

The changes are even more radical than this. This Pluto return is the longer 500 year alternate return dating back to early 16th century. When this occurs, in the 80 years before all the outer-planets follow very similar paths in the zodiac as well. As in the 15th/16th centuries, the Pluto-in-Capricorn period casts aside inadequate assumptions and abuses of trust by those in power. Enlightened forces of public education know better. In 15th/16th century, it was the development of reading and translation into the vernacular. In the 20th/21st centuries, it is the internet. This earlier time was, of course, the very seed point of modern science. So, we face a radical reassessment of the nature of that science and its role in society’s decision making processes. Hopefully this time, we will not see centuries of conflict and repression, but the old and new will welcome each other in, cross fertilise and restore success and balance.

Abandoning the simplistic notions of growth
Pluto and Saturn dominating and correcting Jupiter-like excess will make it clear why we need to reject the notion of growth as the measure of success and failure, happiness and unhappiness. It will be difficult for economists and politicians to do so. After victory in World War II, expansion, consumption and especially "growth" replaced "victory" as the elixir of happiness offered by all who sought success in public life. On offer was "growth", where everyone could have what they wanted at the expense of no one – even the richest person in the world would not have to pay. In time, "growth" would make everyone happy – even the poorest African peasant. Brilliant economic minds and business theorists devised complex financial systems to manipulate the balance sheets and hide the real price each person was paying. Buying now and paying later offered early enjoyment. Exploitation and its consequences were too distant in place and time to be of concern. Enjoying the fruits of luxury, but not yet having to pay was seductive. It was only a matter of time and education, before everyone who accepted democracy and global free-market capitalism would be well fed and live in peace.

Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn comes after a period from 2001, when the sign's ruler Saturn opposed Pluto, Neptune and then Uranus. Now the price of ignoring these warnings cannot be avoided. Finally we face the nonsensical inadequacy of "endless growth" as a solution to anything. The longer our economist "experts" and the politicians that listen to them focus strategies upon this lost cause, the more pain and disappointment they and we will experience. In this sense, Gordon Brown is truly right. It is new. Technology is so powerful and the world is so interconnected that growth as he understands it can no longer be sustained

What is your astro-take on this momentous occasion?

For this and more news articles visit the Astrlogoical Association website

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Irish Chart and the Six Nations' Victory - Frances Clynes

On Saturday 21st March, Ireland won both the Triple Crown and the Six Nations Cup having won all of the five matches in the championship, for the first time since 1948.

In the bi-wheel below, the Irish Chart (Proclamation of the Republic, 1916) is shown in the inner wheel with the starting time of the final match in Cardiff shown in the outer wheel.

The Moon at the start of the match was at 3 AQ 41, the exact degree and minute of the Irish North Node and also approaching conjunction with the transiting North Node. As the Moon in the Irish chart is conjunct the North Node, and Ireland is approaching a nodal return and the start of a new cycle, the flavour of Moon conjunct North Node is being strongly emphasised. In connection with the victory, the Moon signifying the mood of the people may have helped to spur on this team (AQ) and influence the direction of the match. However given the fated quality of the nodes and what I personally call their domino effect, there seems to be a suggestion that this victory will have a longer lasting effect than just giving the country a much-needed lift at a difficult time.

The MC of the match chart is at 19 GE 33 in a close conjunction to Irish Venus at 19 GE 31. The Venus in the Irish chart rules the Sun and MC, which could be interpreted as the aims and objectives of the moment being in line with those of Ireland. The Venus is in the eleventh house of a nation’s hopes and dreams, which according to Mundane Astrology, is the house of friendly nations. So perhaps it is fitting that this victory occurred in Wales, who after Scotland, is our nearest neighbour with whom we share a language and a tradition.

Transiting Jupiter at 17 AQ 05 had already opposed the angular Irish Mars and will go on to conjoin the Uranus end of Mars-Uranus opposition and the DESC, the opponents. Jupiter, the planet of success, which rules the Irish 5th house of sport, is activating Mars the planet associated with competition, and that strong willed opposition across the fixed ASC/DESC axis.

This team was determined to upset the opponents, the reigning champions, and win.In addition to the transits of the day, progressed Jupiter is exactly conjunct the Irish Sun now, so success, enthusiasm, optimism, and hopefully not just in the sporting arena.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

International Astrology Day

We will be acknowledging 'International Astrology Day' and encouraging those interested to join in the celebrations with the Astrological Lodge of London, who will be gathering in their usual pub – the Union' at 88-90 George Street, London W1U 8PA from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM on Saturday 21 March for a few drinks together. We hope you can join us. Turn up any time in the evening and you will find astrologers celebrating together.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Correlation - the Astrological Association's Research Journal

CorrelationCorrelation is the premier Journal of astrological research, and has been in print for over 30 years, carrying papers from all the world's major researchers. Its remit accords with the standard academic requirements that all submissions are peer-reviewed by suitably qualified experts in the fields of astrology, physics, statistics, etc. These requirements can be daunting, and may well put off many AA members, who have great experience of working with astrology on a day-to-day basis but may hesitate from submitting their own thoughts or findings for publication due to a lack of familiarity with the appropriate methodology -or just not having the time or access to sources of data. If this is your situation, then the editor of Correlation wants to hear from you.

Over the coming issues the editor will offer space for AA members to propose new areas of research that may spark off ideas amongst Correlation's subscribers who do have the skills and the time to explore their potential and take them forward. So what would you like to propose?

While you do not have to frame your proposal in any formal way, and so there is no requirement to state any particular methodology, it is always useful to think through your proposal as carefully as possible so as to make your suggestions as clear as possible. Also, keep your definitions clear and simple because these will be the things that you will test (or research). For example, if you think that writers of detective fiction might have Mercury/Pluto aspects in their charts, you might want to consider a couple of important points. For starters, what do you mean by an 'aspect'? Traditional aspects or Quintiles, Septiles, etc? And what is a 'detective writer?' While Agatha Christie certainly fits the bill, Graham Green and Dostoyevsky also wrote much on the psychology of the murderer. Would you expect Agatha Christie -whose work is somewhat short on psychology but ace when it comes to 'clues and plotting'- to have the same patterns as those writers who are more concerned with the extreme consequences of human frailties? If an astrological signifier for 'clues and plotting' is the main idea, then might this be better found in the charts of people who compile crosswords, while Green and Dostoyevsky could be more at home with Freud and Jung? If your definitions have blurred boundaries the chances are you will end up with a blurred answer. So check out what's already been discussed, and find out about the research that has already been done (you can then build upon it) in your specialist area of interest in one of a few databases of astrological research papers that is free to everyone, just log on to

Wittgenstein observed that the clearer you make the question, the closer you are to an answer. But Wittgenstein also stated something even more important, that one cannot say what is a useful question to ask until one has tried to answer it. In other words, ideas that at first glance might seem extremely odd (like Galileo questioning if the Earth was really the centre of the Solar system) might have profound consequences. So there's also room on Correlation's pages to challenge the status quo. with similarly 'odd' ideas. So, over to you. Leave your comments here or visit this article on the AA website for further details as to how to give us your feedback.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Oscar and Golden Globe Season - Wendy Stacey

movie Interestingly, we can see the transiting Saturn/Uranus opposition theme played out in the majority of films nominated for various awards this particular film season. The majority of these movies are actually true stories and bring to life the reality of situations which have either brought about change or at the very least highlighted the need for it. Many confront the issues of what is ‘right’ in some form or another and lean towards shaking the shackles of oppression, conformity or dogma and pursue the free movement of people in some way. Many of these films capture passages of ‘time’ and ‘change’ and the pain and miracles associated with them.

Slumdog Millionaire presents us with a very sad situation of deprivation, poverty and enslavement to a system (Saturn) and yet is colourful, optimistic and inspiring (Uranus). In an entertaining and moving way, it opens our eyes to the underdog and reminds us of the social change that is required.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button brings us an odd tale of someone who aged (Saturn) in reverse (Uranus).

Frost/Nixon gives the audience a dialogue of questionable and deeply moral perspectives between a truth seeking journalist (Uranus) and the US President who fell from grace (Saturn). (It is interesting that it is Frost who has the Saturnian name).

Revolutionary Road (great Saturn/Uranus title) is a tale of a couple who are trying to break free (Uranus) from their stifled and mundane suburban lifestyle (Saturn). Milk shows us another example of a revolutionary challenge (Uranus) to the status quo (Saturn), with a large group of people (historically labelled radicals) who struggle and fight to equalise gay and human rights (Uranus).

Changeling (another interesting Uranian title) addresses a woman’s plight to find her son whilst continuously battling against the system (Uranus). The film is laced with sorrow and issues of mortality (Saturn).

The Reader, looks at an intellectual and unconventional relationship (Uranus), which is darkened by the questionably moral and disapproving behaviour surrounding the horror of death experienced in the holocaust (Saturn).

Doubt (Saturnian title) is another morally questionable drama which is weighted upon an unspeakable crime and asks the audience to judge if the priest is actually ‘guilty’ or not. The Saturn/Uranus opposition is clearly reflected in this film, which is laden with suspicion, and the violation of personal freedom on several levels.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars: Winners and Astrology - Glenda Cole

The Academy Awards ceremony began at 20:301 PST 22February 2009 in Hollywood just as Mercury, Jupiter, Moon and Mars were marching through Aquarius,all within 4 degrees of each other.

As was widely predicted and expected. Kate Winslet won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in 'The Reader'. This was Kate's first Oscar despite being nominated 5v times previously. We don't know Kate's birth time for sure but the Internet widely reports 5th October 1975, 07:15am BST, Reading, UK. If this time is correct then that 5th house line-up of planets was trine Kate's Sun, Moon and ascendant, Jupiter was in fact exactly on her Sun and Ascendant, a sure sign of success.

Yet another success is that of Danny Boyle, his film Slumdog Millionaire won no less than 8 Oscars, including Best Director and Best Film. We have no birth time for Danny, though the IMDB website gives his date of birth as 25th October 1956, Manchester, England. Not only is the transiting 5th house conjunct Danny's Mars, it also trines his Mercury. Meanwhile, co-ruler of Aquarius was opposite Boyle's Jupiter, maybe he didn't expect to win quite so many awards.

Sean Penn (17 Aug 1960 15:17, PDT +7:00 Burbank CA, 34°N10', 118°W18'2) won the Award for Best Actor for his role in Milk, and once again we see that Aquarian stellium activating Mercury (opposition) and Mars (trine). No surprises for seeing Mars activated here as the Best Actor Award was probably the most contested, with Mickey Rourke having been widely tipped to receive this Award.

The Glitz and the glamour of the ceremony is over for another year, meanwhile congratulations to all the winners

1Time taken from BBC Website Live Feed
2 Source: astrodatabank

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jenni Harte's World News is a popular feature of the Association's Transit magazine and now appears on our website.Below are the introductory paragraphs to Jenni's latest article....

There's a Riot Going On!
by Jenni Dean Harte

5 February 2009


You may smile at this headline if you’re a Blues Brothers fan but it’s no joke. Predictably, the current Saturn Uranus opposition (first hit, November 2008 election day in the US) has ignited public demonstrations around the globe.

Today, 5 Feb, during exact opposition, London Black Cab drivers brought central London to a standstill to dramatise their complaints, inconvenient but non violent. From Asia to Europe, from South America to North America and just about everywhere else, civil unrest is growing. Not all share the same issues but the global economic meltdown underlies most of these actions. Lack of food, jobs, fuel and cash, authoritarian heavy-handedness in dealing with local policing matters and the growing fear of imminent change in the way we all do business is triggering a wave of riots that look set to continue well into 2010 and beyond.

There have been other Saturn Uranus periods of upheaval and plenty of riots even when these two planets aren’t in a face-off. But this is a new era and once global communications linked the disaffected in remote locations, no place is shielded from the possibility of civil disobedience. In fact, a Saturn Uranus opposition guarantees exactly that.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bernadette Brady Event Day - by Frances Clynes

If it’s February, it’s time for a Bernadette Brady event day. Have you been to one yet?


The AA in collaboration with local groups, runs three event days each year. Our first was in February 2007 in London, when Bernadette Brady presented a workshop entitled Predictive Astrology, which gave us a taste of medieval astrological techniques. Bernadette played to a full house, with several people flying in from abroad to hear her speak. Throughout the day she used delegates’ own charts to demonstrate the techniques in action. As you might expect this brought the techniques (and the audience) to life.

The day proved so popular that she agreed to come back in 2008 and this time spoke about the technique of Firdaria. Once again delegates from overseas, including me, attended. This time I was lucky enough to have my chart put up. After twenty-one years in astrology, it was refreshing and exciting to once more experience that sense of wonder as the different stages of my life and my experiences of them, were described by this incredibly skilled astrologer. The basic premise of Firdaria is that different stages of your life from birth onwards are ruled by a different planet. How you experience those years, is indicated by the planet’s placement in your horoscope. While naturally you find some easier to deal with than others, knowing how the planet operates for you, gives you pointers as to how best to derive benefit this period.

Once again the audience wanted more, and in what is becoming an annual event, Bernadette will give a workshop in London on February 28th. The venue as before is the Theosophical Society at 50 Gloucester Place (Baker St. tube). This time the title is Houses – Big, Small, Hovels or Mansions? While I don’t know what Bernadette is going to say, the title to me suggests that we may walk away with ideas about how to turn our most difficult house into a mansion.

See you there.

For further details and how to book visit our website.

Houses – Big, Small, Hovels or Mansions?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama's Inauguration shows astrology working - by Roy Gillett

At one of their biggest gatherings in modern times[1] many astrologers were both amazed and worried at how the chart for the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States was brilliantly auspicious, but also awkward and difficult. All seven astrologers in a public panel told 1,200 people that Barack Obama, who was yet to defeat Hilary Clinton at the July Democratic Convention, would be that 44th President.

On 20th January 2009, we have seen how right they all were, not only in naming the winner, but in their anxiety for what he faced and in the minutia of what happened on the day. Here are just a couple of pointers each way – you will find lots more.

At one of their biggest gatherings in modern times[1] many astrologers were both amazed and worried at how the chart for the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States was brilliantly auspicious, but also awkward and difficult. All seven astrologers in a public panel told 1,200 people that Barack Obama, who was yet to defeat Hilary Clinton at the July Democratic Convention, would be that 44th President.

On 20th January 2009, we have seen how right they all were, not only in naming the winner, but in their anxiety for what he faced and in the minutia of what happened on the day. Here are just a couple of pointers each way – you will find lots more.

Positive: Sun/Mercury are auspiciously cazimi within a few minutes of Obama's[2] natal Mercury, and Jupiter is trined his Moon.
What happened: the largest crowd ever gathered in the Washington Mall and on television screens throughout the world. They listened rapturously to this man of the hour. Astrologers had been expecting and suggesting this for a long time ahead, because they had learned about cazimi and Jupiter/Moon crowd harmony from astrological traditions dating back before the 17th century.

Negative: Mercury was retrograding and Moon void of course in Scorpio, due to enter Sagittarius at 12:31 EST
Result: Barack Obama faces more unfinished business that almost any other President. And then the actual swearing in started six minutes later than was conventional and the Chief Justice gave the words in the wrong order.

AFAN member, American astrology Alison M. Lewis got it absolutely right, when she reminded us of Leonard Cohen's great lines:
"There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in."

Then came the news from the Washington Times that, due to legal reasons, the original oath of office words were transposed therefore they needed to redo it. They reported that Justice Roberts redid the oath of office at 7:35p.m. EST Wednesday January 21st. Have a look at the chart below. Could that packed stellium in the 5th and 6th houses show a greater amount of intense work to enable major creative structural change? Could the challenge and difficulty of carrying everyone sympathetically together be better shown than the 7th house Venus/Uranus T-Square to Moon and Saturn?

Yes we can use astrology, because it works!

[1] United Astrology Congress in Denver, Colorado - May 2008

[2] 1924 AHST 4th August 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii – birth certificate on web

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