Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bernadette Brady Event Day - by Frances Clynes

If it’s February, it’s time for a Bernadette Brady event day. Have you been to one yet?


The AA in collaboration with local groups, runs three event days each year. Our first was in February 2007 in London, when Bernadette Brady presented a workshop entitled Predictive Astrology, which gave us a taste of medieval astrological techniques. Bernadette played to a full house, with several people flying in from abroad to hear her speak. Throughout the day she used delegates’ own charts to demonstrate the techniques in action. As you might expect this brought the techniques (and the audience) to life.

The day proved so popular that she agreed to come back in 2008 and this time spoke about the technique of Firdaria. Once again delegates from overseas, including me, attended. This time I was lucky enough to have my chart put up. After twenty-one years in astrology, it was refreshing and exciting to once more experience that sense of wonder as the different stages of my life and my experiences of them, were described by this incredibly skilled astrologer. The basic premise of Firdaria is that different stages of your life from birth onwards are ruled by a different planet. How you experience those years, is indicated by the planet’s placement in your horoscope. While naturally you find some easier to deal with than others, knowing how the planet operates for you, gives you pointers as to how best to derive benefit this period.

Once again the audience wanted more, and in what is becoming an annual event, Bernadette will give a workshop in London on February 28th. The venue as before is the Theosophical Society at 50 Gloucester Place (Baker St. tube). This time the title is Houses – Big, Small, Hovels or Mansions? While I don’t know what Bernadette is going to say, the title to me suggests that we may walk away with ideas about how to turn our most difficult house into a mansion.

See you there.

For further details and how to book visit our website.

Houses – Big, Small, Hovels or Mansions?

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