Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Irish Chart and the Six Nations' Victory - Frances Clynes

On Saturday 21st March, Ireland won both the Triple Crown and the Six Nations Cup having won all of the five matches in the championship, for the first time since 1948.

In the bi-wheel below, the Irish Chart (Proclamation of the Republic, 1916) is shown in the inner wheel with the starting time of the final match in Cardiff shown in the outer wheel.

The Moon at the start of the match was at 3 AQ 41, the exact degree and minute of the Irish North Node and also approaching conjunction with the transiting North Node. As the Moon in the Irish chart is conjunct the North Node, and Ireland is approaching a nodal return and the start of a new cycle, the flavour of Moon conjunct North Node is being strongly emphasised. In connection with the victory, the Moon signifying the mood of the people may have helped to spur on this team (AQ) and influence the direction of the match. However given the fated quality of the nodes and what I personally call their domino effect, there seems to be a suggestion that this victory will have a longer lasting effect than just giving the country a much-needed lift at a difficult time.

The MC of the match chart is at 19 GE 33 in a close conjunction to Irish Venus at 19 GE 31. The Venus in the Irish chart rules the Sun and MC, which could be interpreted as the aims and objectives of the moment being in line with those of Ireland. The Venus is in the eleventh house of a nation’s hopes and dreams, which according to Mundane Astrology, is the house of friendly nations. So perhaps it is fitting that this victory occurred in Wales, who after Scotland, is our nearest neighbour with whom we share a language and a tradition.

Transiting Jupiter at 17 AQ 05 had already opposed the angular Irish Mars and will go on to conjoin the Uranus end of Mars-Uranus opposition and the DESC, the opponents. Jupiter, the planet of success, which rules the Irish 5th house of sport, is activating Mars the planet associated with competition, and that strong willed opposition across the fixed ASC/DESC axis.

This team was determined to upset the opponents, the reigning champions, and win.In addition to the transits of the day, progressed Jupiter is exactly conjunct the Irish Sun now, so success, enthusiasm, optimism, and hopefully not just in the sporting arena.

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  1. What wonderful synastry for Ireland's sporting victory.

  2. Yes, makes me wonder what was happening in the chart of Wales at that moment. They were very unlucky

  3. What I would usually look at is the movment of the Moon. Here she makes an immediate square to the Irish Sun, which rules the Irish Asc and is on the MC. That by itself would suggest a difficult Irish victory.


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