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Seeking Sustainable Growth - The Astrology of the G20 Meeting - Roy Gillett

With Moon in Cancer squared to the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aries, but trined to Mars in Pisces and Venus squared to Pluto, the G20 meeting is likely to be characterised by many expressions of genuine concern, but will struggle to find any fundamental and effective agreement. With Saturn retrograding in Virgo opposed by Mars in Pisces, across the 10th / 4th house, consensus will be difficult to find. Mars building to conjunct Gordon Brown’s Jupiter early on 4th April shows just what is involved when seeking to save the world.

G20 chart

The Aries planets say it all. It is too early to be clear. It is rather like looking for a new relationship too soon after the painful ending of the one before. By yearning for and seeking what has been lost, world leaders are in danger of making the same mistakes again. We need a really different "lover"! A wise outcome will be to realise it is early days and we need to respect and draw on the collective wisdom of all. We have needed stimulus plans to help ordinary people through their immediate economic pain, but to see this bouncing the world economy back to “health” is a major delusion. A radical realignment of the world economy lies ahead. This Aries meeting can do no more than kick start a 15 year process of fundamental economic realignment.

On 31st January 2009, just six days before the second Saturn / Uranus opposition; Gordon Brown at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland told those, who had created or presided over the world economic crisis, that there was no previous historical experience of what was happening. Essentially, they had to learn what to do next from what happened next! The astrology both questions and confirms his words.

This time we must learn from past errors
He is wrong because in the past, as now, we have always had the astro-cycles to help us see through the nature of mass-delusion, but have chosen to ignore them. Elements in the South Sea Bubble, 1835-42 and 1929-1933 depressions and their aftermaths offer many lessons we can draw on. To start with, these experiences show the futility of the early talk of "weathering a downturn in the economic cycle" and attempts to manipulate early recovery. Certainly, it is not the first time that we face a stage in the cosmic cycle that exposes our hubris and over-reaching arrogance. Belief in endless growth and something-for-nothing characterised all three previous boom and bust periods. Until we use astro-cycles as early warnings in our culture, the same mistakes will be made by future generations.

Yet he is right in that this is the first time, due to our industrial mechanical science-driven economy, that the deception of endless growth has been extended so globally. Pluto has returned to Capricorn (symbolises death and regeneration of business structures) for the first time since 1762-77-the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. For a decade and a half ahead, we face a radical reassessment of our achievements over the past 250 years. Nor is it an unconnected coincidence that this happens in the midst of threatened global ecological disaster. Our inventive arrogance led us to assume we can change the earth – even explain and invent every aspect of life itself. We have boasted of defeating limitation. Did we really think we could force Saturn to serve our childish experiments? We have tried the patience of the natural order. We now face a period of at least 15 years, while Pluto transits Saturn’s sign, to learn the true nature of structure and responsibility.

The changes are even more radical than this. This Pluto return is the longer 500 year alternate return dating back to early 16th century. When this occurs, in the 80 years before all the outer-planets follow very similar paths in the zodiac as well. As in the 15th/16th centuries, the Pluto-in-Capricorn period casts aside inadequate assumptions and abuses of trust by those in power. Enlightened forces of public education know better. In 15th/16th century, it was the development of reading and translation into the vernacular. In the 20th/21st centuries, it is the internet. This earlier time was, of course, the very seed point of modern science. So, we face a radical reassessment of the nature of that science and its role in society’s decision making processes. Hopefully this time, we will not see centuries of conflict and repression, but the old and new will welcome each other in, cross fertilise and restore success and balance.

Abandoning the simplistic notions of growth
Pluto and Saturn dominating and correcting Jupiter-like excess will make it clear why we need to reject the notion of growth as the measure of success and failure, happiness and unhappiness. It will be difficult for economists and politicians to do so. After victory in World War II, expansion, consumption and especially "growth" replaced "victory" as the elixir of happiness offered by all who sought success in public life. On offer was "growth", where everyone could have what they wanted at the expense of no one – even the richest person in the world would not have to pay. In time, "growth" would make everyone happy – even the poorest African peasant. Brilliant economic minds and business theorists devised complex financial systems to manipulate the balance sheets and hide the real price each person was paying. Buying now and paying later offered early enjoyment. Exploitation and its consequences were too distant in place and time to be of concern. Enjoying the fruits of luxury, but not yet having to pay was seductive. It was only a matter of time and education, before everyone who accepted democracy and global free-market capitalism would be well fed and live in peace.

Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn comes after a period from 2001, when the sign's ruler Saturn opposed Pluto, Neptune and then Uranus. Now the price of ignoring these warnings cannot be avoided. Finally we face the nonsensical inadequacy of "endless growth" as a solution to anything. The longer our economist "experts" and the politicians that listen to them focus strategies upon this lost cause, the more pain and disappointment they and we will experience. In this sense, Gordon Brown is truly right. It is new. Technology is so powerful and the world is so interconnected that growth as he understands it can no longer be sustained

What is your astro-take on this momentous occasion?

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