Monday, April 13, 2009

Jupiter Returns But This Time Flings the Bling! by Jenni Dean Harte

Although we no longer publish Transit magazine some of it's more popular features will continue on our website, including Jenni Harte's World News. Below are the introductory paragraphs to Jenni's latest article....

Jupiter-VenusDuring it's 12 year orbit around earth, Jupiter enlarges and expands what it touches, encouraging us reach further than our grasp and urging us to move beyond our known limits; it's where we find our faith and how we want to grow. So far, so good. A 12 year cycle of expansion sounds positive but which Jupiter return being experienced makes quite a difference. In particular, this is about transiting Jupiter's 12 yearly visit to the UK Venus in Aquarius in the 5th house and the subsequent demise of the UK as the once coolest place to be.

In 1997 the Labour Party had at last wrested victory from 18 years of Conservative rule. The country's economy was beginning to rocket, fuelled by the very bankers and speculators we've lately come to detest but then supported by enthusiastic newcomers eager to participate in the party. And it was, in many respects, a very long party, indeed. At that time, transiting Jupiter had just opposed the UK Jupiter at 2 Leo in the 10th and the nation’s profile was raised to a world-wide status it hadn't experienced since the heyday of the British Empire. Transiting Uranus had already opposed UK Jupiter in late 1996, setting the charge and igniting the touch paper for growth. Transiting Neptune, in the final minutes of Capricorn and soon to oppose UK Jupiter, suggested all might not be as at it seemed. In the event 1997 was the year the UK was labelled 'Cool Brittania.'

All things expanding eternally however can bring problems, hence Saturn defining boundaries and holding us back from over-doing…whatever it is we’re doing. Saturn is not always welcome but far from being the perpetual party pooper it literally gives us perspective. However, even Saturn in his Aries robes was ready to push the envelope with less restraint than usual. But back to Jupiter.

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