Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Post from AA President Roy Gillett

Israel and the Middle East 2014  
The Astrological Association’s online Mundane Panel

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Meira: Israel's charts, clearly point to ongoing conflict. I see two sides coming together, approaching each other with the knowledge that they are not fully in control, not in their full power; collaboration that comes from recognition of "mutually assured destruction", and from real politik of 'give & take'.

Hakan: Considering future prospects in Syria and fragile position of emerging new diplomatic attempts in Iran, I would expect military strikes and diplomatic movements from Israel in the region amid new political, nationalistic transformation.

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How do you interpret the transits for 2014?  
What would you recommend to policy makers?
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  1. There's some interesting correspondences between Israel and the US Sibley chart. The latters Pluto is conjunct Israel's IC opposite its Mercury on Israel's MC so that public discussion in the US have a transformative affect on Israel's foundations as has been the case in the past.

    The 5th square of Uranus and Pluto in April m2014 gives a composite chart with a Grand Cross that indicates a painful change in financial dealings, with each side asserting its authority through combative actions.

  2. An article in AlterNet News today by Noam Chomsky highlights the probability of Israel and the US being at loggerheads over an Israel nuclear strike on Iran.


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