Friday, April 3, 2009

Planetary Hours Part 2– G20 events analysed

So did the Planetary hours pan out as stated? With the help of the BBC’s Live Text* updates I was able to follow the events of the day.

Jupiter hour At 06:45 just into the Jupiter hour, the BBC reports there is a major security problem and some members of the media are prevented from checking in for an hour. Towards the end of this hour the G20 members start arriving for a 'working' breakfast. Mars is the dispositer of Mercury, ruler of the media. Here we see the Mars intercepted in the 12th in action. Members of the media aren't going anywhere right now.

Mars Hour Barack Obama arrived just as the Mars hours began, followed by several other G20 members, the last to arrive is Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper just as the Mars hour was about to end. As suggested the leaders were indeed putting on their 'public faces'

Sun hour During the Sun ruled hour the BBC reports that the working breakfast is well under way. They state that “Once the last of the croissants is polished off, there will be a group photo of the leaders. The event is scheduled for 0935, but the summit is running late”. Perhaps this latter is the manifestation of the chart ruler being combust and in the 12th?

Venus hour During the Venus hour we are told "When asked about the mood among the G20 leaders, BBC business editor Robert Peston says: "They're all rather jolly from what I can gather. I get the sense that the supposedly intractable issue of tax havens has been sorted." The expected number of protesters is much less than anticipated, earlier some had set up an over-sized Monopoly board, now we are told they have gone home saying they need a sit down and a nice cup of tea. Not as I predicted but very Neptunian don't you think?

Mercury hour 10:56 less than a minute into the Mercury hour, and as expected the Summit begins as Gordon Brown opens by outlining the work plan for the next few hours.

Jupiter As we enter the Lunar hour, we know that agreement re tax havens was reached earlier, therefore the 8th house Jupiter and Neptune may well be linked to the release of a statement from the Independent Police Complaints Commission at 12:05 which says it is to "assess" the death of man at a G20 demonstration in London on Wednesday. We are told that investigators will be attending the post-mortem during the afternoon.

Jupiter As we approach the Saturn hour the meeting is indeed getting down to the nitty gritty as we hear that the G20 leaders are said to have agreed an increase in the Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) made available by the IMF, this can be converted by governments into currency to provide a swift injection of confidence into their economies.

Jupiter hour As we approach the second Jupiter hour we are also told that the $250bn increase in Special Drawing Rights is at least a ten-fold increase in the current stock. That will allow poor nations to borrow at the US official interest rate of practically zero. This certainly seems to fit with Jupiter on the descendant.

Mars Hour Come the Mars hour and we hear from the BBC's Robert Peston who says: “A chap who knows a lot more about this Special Drawing Rights stuff tells me its not very useful for very poor countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It will be most useful for middle-income, emerging market economies.” This is when the Moon square Sun perfected. A summary of the agreements made are being announced during the last 15 or so minutes of the hour.
I have to say I'm not sure what that signifies with regard to either the Mars hour or the aforementioned square. Perhaps that will be assessed by any later response to these statements.

Sun hour I was completely wrong with what I said about the solar hour because the Summit is already over bar the shouting. As befits the solar hour the press conferences are still going on, with the summit members feeling pleased with themselves for what they say they have achieved. Some reaction also began to come through during this hour as we hear that that London's FTSE 100 index of leading shares ended 4.3% higher. In Paris, the Cac 40 jumped 5.4% and in Frankfurt, the Dax rose 6%

Venus hour The start of the Venus hour and we are seeing mainly favourable reaction to the official communiqué and it seems the money for the IMF is what every one is talking about. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that the conclusions of the G20 summit were "more than we could have hoped for" Not only does that statement reflect the fact that this is a Jupiter day it also reflects the Moon perfecting the trine to Mars

Mercury hour For some reason Barack Obama's press conference was delayed and didn't start until Mercury hour. Maybe, (with both Mercury and chart ruler Venus in the 7th) it's to remind the world that "The US remains the largest economy by a considerable margin and most powerful military in the world" and that "America can still lead in the world." Or maybe it’s that in this Mercury hour he just wants the last word? I'm not sure that the zodiacal position of Mercury and Venus will help such last words go down well.

In summary I feel that this technique did in fact reflect the day’s events as they unfolded. Where they didn’t seem to is probably more the fault of the astrologer (i.e. me) than the technique.

Click here for a report of what was agreed today

*BBC Live Text


  1. That was really interesting Glenda - thank you! x

  2. To really understand this you have to use the vedic sidereal system. The western system will give you the wrong planetary positions in the signs,even if the hours are correct. That is my take on it.

  3. Thanks for your comments Kitty amd anonymous
    @ anonymous, I've never studied the vedic system so unfortunately I am unable to comment.


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