Friday, April 13, 2012


What does astrology tell us about 21st December 2012?

Hollywood movies, experts and contemporary prophets, driven by the upcoming end of the 13th b'ak'tun (144,000 day cycle) of a world era said by the Mayan Calendar to have began in 3114BCE, are encouraging more and more people to wonder. Giving a good answer involves first some clarifying questions.

Is the end of a cycle anything more than the beginning of a new one? All days do not end when a single day does.  Are there other mundane astro-cycles that explain/describe the current social uncertainty driven by fundamental economic and ecological change? Should astrology be used to prophesy, or is it better used to give background understanding of changing circumstances, so people and societies can create their own futures? What do you think?


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  1. Consider the cycle as being a spiral rather than an entrenched well-worn path. In this case the answer is most definitely yes; the end of a cycle is much more than just the beginning of a new one. It is the upping of your game, armed with knowledge of the previous cycle you did not have before.

    The Barbault cyclical index seems to denote current social and economic ups and downs, giving the interpretation of the zeitgeist a background upon which to draw inference. In the case of 2014, where the grand cardinal cross indicates the heightening of protest on a global scale (as already witnessed in late 2013 by the anonymous and occupy movements) Barbault's index clearly shows how the mood of the collective unconscious plummets by 2015 as certain economic structures crumble and the likelihood of a global depression gets ever stronger.

    Astrology should not be used as prohecy. The point of mundane astrology, in my opinion, is to use the knowledge we have as a platform to AVERT the traps of certain planetary energy signatures. There are better ways of using the energy if we did but heed the warnings. So to your last point I agree entirely; that people and societies have the opportunity to create their own futures with the only caveat being that the planetary energies must be understood and utilised for positive evolution.


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